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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Our bible club for boys, aged 10 – 15yrs, that started in July is still on going. We are thankful for the help of volunteers as well as the The Potter’s House manager who have given so much time and effort. We’ve seen so many positive changes in the lives of the boys. Here are just a few….3 boys who used to sleep on the streets went back home. Not as much stealing has been reported by the community. Through the children, we have been able to reach out to their parents, some of whom are now attending our Alcohol Addiction Support group & our Parent Support group.

A 10 year old boy who used to stay out on the streets begging for food now comes daily to our education class in the morning, bible club in the afternoon and then straight home. We really thank God for His work in the lives of these young boys and their families.

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