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How is our work making a difference to families?

Here's what they say...

In this video this young boy speaks of his personal experience of street life, how The Potter's House CBO supported him, and how his life has changed.

I was almost committing suicide when The Potter’s House came to me. I had suicidal thoughts because I couldn't afford to feed my family nor pay my rent. With 7 children, I felt like giving up with life but somehow God, through a neighbour, recommended me to The Potter's House and currently I am working on the kibanda and getting weekly food. I don't know what to say to God but since I am a Christian, I will keep praying for The Potter's House whom I met 2 months ago and have touched my life in a big way, that God will provide more to them such that they are able to give and touch others who are struggling.


Since I met The Potter's House, they have helped me a lot in different ways. Especially since the Coronavirus hit our land, most of the children were at home but mine used to go for the bible club where they were taught bible verses and how to pray by Teacher Beatrice and her team, now he has changed and become a different boy and the teachers have also taught me a lot even about God.

I have seen many good things which have changed my life and that of my family. I had a child who I was struggling with but now that's changed and through their teachings, I feel blessed together with my family.


My 8 yr old son used to wander in the streets but is now rehabilitated and doesn't go any more, and has been consistent in school now.
There is also something else that they did for my house and I am so grateful as I wasn't expecting them to do these, they repaired my bed and gave me blankets so I don't sleep on the floor anymore.
God bless Potter's.

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