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Blog written by Jane Dodds, former Child Protection Director for International Charity.

On International Day of Families, I am so proud of the work The Potters House CBO does to keep families together. Over many years, I have travelled the world and have seen many children’s homes. I have abiding memories of the faces of children who need love and attention but are rejected and have become emotionally detached. In the good children’s homes, there was regular food, a comfortable environment, no physical punishment, and lots of activities. But I saw many where there were 4 children to a bed, terrible conditions and meals were basic. I also sadly heard of physical abuse which broke my heart. But none of those homes should exist because those children should be in families

Poverty drives families to give their children to institutional homes, in the mistaken belief that their children will be safe and better looked after. But we need to give families the resources to look after their children, and see them as joyful gifts from the Lord. The Potters House CBO do this - look after parents to look after their children, provide practical assistance including funding for schools, options for parents to work, classes and play opportunities and - most importantly - the opportunity to learn about the Bible. I am very proud to support The Potters House CBO on International Day of Families.


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