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Caring for all ages.

No matter how young or old, everyone should feel loved and cared for. With many people all over the world having their movements restricted and reduced social activities due to Coronavirus, it is easy to see how important company is for our mental health and wellbeing. These restrictions may seem a long time to us but thankfully, for most, it is temporary. For some though, being alone is everyday life.

A few months ago, an elderly lady was referred to The Potter’s House CBO by a concerned member of the community. The lady lives alone since her daughter died 10 years ago and we were told that she had stopped going out and was living in poor conditions. Our social worker was able to visit and assess her situation the same week and it was clear she needed help. Having lost her daughter, she had become depressed and lost any enthusiasm she might have once had for life. She felt alone and with no visitors, she felt like no one cared. Her house was small and dark with no other furniture than a bed. The mattress and single blanket were infested with insects and her aged skin was covered in bites. She wore the only clothes she had which were old and dirty.

We immediately replaced the old mattress and bed and gave new clothes and bedding, but the biggest difference has been made by something so simple but so important...regular company.

We make sure that one of our team visits once a week and takes food. They spend time talking and checking everything is ok. She really enjoys seeing someone, talking about the 'old days' and she says it makes her feel cared about. Now she looks forward to the visits and we intend to encourage the surrounding community to make regular visits as well.

Making a positive difference to someone's life does not need to cost much, just time and love.


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