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Our support groups build relationships, strengthen families and communities, and reduce prejudice and discrimination.



In Kenya, people with disabilities face many barriers, prejudice and discrimination. They often find themselves excluded from their communities and some children are hidden away from the outside world and live a life of isolation. People with disabilities are often unable to attend school or work because of their disability and denied opportunities to fulfil their potential. Parents of children with disabilities are made to feel ashamed of their children, they are told that it is a curse for past actions, or that it is their fault, and they feel alone and unsupported.

The Potter’s House CBO is bringing communities together and breaking down stigma by setting up local support groups for those living with or caring for those living with disabilities. Members spend time sharing personal experiences, coping strategies and first-hand information about disabilities or treatments and they are encouraged to share ideas and skills to start income generating activities.

Through these groups we are able to kickstart income generating activities, educate about disability as well as assist with any issues such as registration, applications for government disability payments, needed equipment, school admissions etc. The groups give us an opportunity to identify the families who are most in need of our support, and in these cases, as with all the families we work with, immediate needs are met and a long-term plan that equips the family to become self-sufficient is put in place.

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